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Combat Handguns Magazine | 7/2019 Cover

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Other Combat Handguns Reviews

Combat Handguns - By Jinman007


The best of all the Gun magazines and I read them all!

Been Here From the Start - By caddymak


I have been reading CH since the first issue came out long ago, which I still have. For my money this is & always has been the best gun mag out there. If you're into what might be called "social firearms" this IS the one to read. I've learned quite lot about not only the guns, but also about the legal side of the self-defense subject & many others also. As long as they keep printing, I'm gonna keep reading it. Keep up the good work & thanks for a lot of years of my personal favorite magazine.

All About the Positive - By Taurus A New One


I was minding my own business in WalMart, Texas one evening when I passed by the magazine section. I noticed the cover of the Combat Handguns magazine and picked one up and flipped through it. It must have brought interest to me because I actually bought it, and I DON'T ENJOY READING. I found myself as John Wayne did in "The Shootist", with the newspaper that he read from cover to cover, and was amazed that I actually enjoyed the whole issue. I say, good job Combat Handguns for keeping my interest and for caring enough to produce a top notch magazine.

Taurus coolaid Drinkers - By jimbo


First let me say I enjoy this magazine for the most part. I have, however, passed on this month's issue due to the cover article. Essentially, another test of a Taurus handgun with, I am certain, glowing accolades. My concern is that we in the public read these reviews and some take them as gospel. I must admit, I did for the first few months.I guess my complaint is the your writers have no credibility- they never met a handgun they didn't like. The feature on another Taurus was just too much. I have first hand experience with this manufacturer and if your writers did their work there is no way they could recommend such junk. Other than this, great read!

Great Mix - By 1911&PolymerRock


I am a new subscriber and want to kick myself for not subscribing sooner to save money from the newsstand prices for this bible of a book. For almost 20 years I have followed Combat Handguns and have found most of the articles informative and keep up on the newest introduction of products, in the ads too. Great read, always.