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Other Equus Reviews

Blue Ribbon Magazine - By Loren


There is more to a horse than its mane and tail, Equus lets me look inside my horse to see what makes her tick. My DVM recently recommended Osphos for my navicular horse. That same month, Equus discussed both Tildren and Osphos and described , in language I could understand, the process of bone remodeling. Just in time. Equus strives for quality and it shows.

Love equus - By Giggles


This is one of the best magizine that I have ever ordered, it has all the info needed and is described in easy understanding paragraphs.

Trusted, Reliable Source - By MaryL


Equus Magazine was a very important source of knowledge to all things Horse, when I first fulfilled my dream of horse ownership nearly 30 years ago. I depended mainly on this magazine for no-nonsense learning of how to best take care of my horse, and how to be the best caretaker I could be. Sadly, when my beloved horse grew old and died, that came at a time when family obligations and child-raising took all my time and money. For more than a decade, I've been away from horses, and I still mourn the loss of my Best 4-legged Friend. With my child now in college, the time has come to once again address my heart's longing to live a life with horses in it. A year ago, I started subscribing to Equus again, and I am pleased to see that they are still the serious, straightforward resource that they were long ago. I give Equus a definite Thumbs-Up for all substance, and no fluff. Now, to find that new special horse...

I LOVE EQUUS - By DC an experienced horse rider an enthusiast


I love equus magazine! It has a great variety of interesting articles per issue. I can also always count on "how to" instructables. They have a lot of interesting facts and trivia. I also love how they keep up with all the latest equine science. Overall an AMAZING magazine.

Very well-rounded horse mag - By Sasha


EQUUS is a very well-rounded horse magazine with an abundance of information on tons of equine topics. I find this magazine to have a wide appeal to both English and Western disciplines. EQUUS also has a stellar section on horse care in regards to health and general well-being. Coming from somebody who has subscribed for many years, this magazine's content is at such a high-quality that I have even bought subscriptions for my daughter and two close friends. I haven't heard a complaint yet!

Best all-around horse mag - By Caroline909


Equus is one of the only horse magazine that I know of that truly has it all. I know that every issue I get is going to cover everything that I need to know as a horse owner and horse caretaker. Plus, it's accessible to equestrians of any level. I find that the glossary in the back is most helpful, as it features definitions of more complex medical and technical terms. Even if I think I am familiar with all aspects of horses, I always learn something new and valuable with Equus.

GREAT MAGAZINE - By Kim in South Carolina


At the age of 48 I am returning to horses again after 25 years of marriage and taking care of the kids. My daughter as fallen in love just like I did with horses. I wish I would have had such a wonderful magazine when I was growing up. I can't hardly wait each month for the next issue.

Equus Magazine-Informative articles & Helpful information that you can put to good use! - By centauRita, Elk Grove, CA


I've subscribed to many different horse magazines over the past 5 years since becoming horse owner, again. Equus Magazine is now the ONLY horse magazine left on my subscription list. Save yourself time and money and subscribe to EQUUS, TODAY! The Cutting edge articles on- medical/health/personal owner stories/new available products for your horse-you will find, as I have, makes it easier for you to make good, sound decisions on how you can provide the BEST care for your horse. Enjoy being a knowledgable horse owner and your horse will thank you too!

Medical Articles - By nikki


Great medical articles.It gives insight and details on both rare and common things that happen to horses.