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Hobby Farms

Hobby Farms is must-have magazine for rural enthusiasts. Hobby Farms embraces the growing segment of the population that is returning to farm life in search of a more meaningful existence. Article topics include livestock husbandry, sustainable agriculture and crop growth, equipment purchasing, successful small farms and agricultural events.

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Publication Rating

Gift review - By Mr. P.


Just renewed for another year for our daughter and her family. They sure do enjoy the many articles from so many others offering up their experiences.

Publication Rating

Beautiful farm photos and articles! - By NEFarms


Hobby Farms is a one of a kind magazine and a leading publication when it comes to farming. Articles cover all aspects of farming. I've found great and useful advice on growing, harvesting and planting and tips that I have not found anywhere else! I especially enjoy the personal faming stories sent in by readers. Having a subscription to Hobby Farms is like having my own community of people with my same lifestyle or at least sharing an affinity for the rural life I love. Further, Hobby Farms is simply a fantastic resource as issues offer profiles on livestock and breeds. I always learn something new each time I get an issue in the mail, and I am always blown away by the magnificent farming photos that reinforce my love of life on the farm!

Publication Rating

EXCELLENT!!!! - By Chicken Girl


WOW!! i sooooo love this magazine!! It has nice full color photos and is just wonderful..I LOVE IT!!!

Publication Rating

inspiring - By Sassy68


I have read many a magazine until now. I love hobby farms! I would of never thought that I could have learned so much from one magazine but the articles are very informative. I have always been a city slicker (as we are called) with the dream of owning my own 'farmette'. Last November, my husband and I did it! We bought 25 acres and have been gathering information on how to start it since. Between my farmer friends and your Magazine I have learned and gathered information to help me start and run a successful 'farmette'. Thank you and Keep up the good work! Sassy68 in Virginia