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My favorite fashion magazine! - By Ally118


InStyle has everything that you crave in a fashion magazine, including the latest trends, beauty advice, the hottest shoes, hair care, jewelry and more. My favorite feature of of the magazine is the "Style Steals" section, where InStyle profiles runway styles at prices that I can afford! I seriously rip out this section out of every issue and stick it in my purse for impromptu shopping sprees. I do love flipping through the gorgeous photographs of high-end designer pieces too though. Hey, a girl can dream!

Just fabulous! - By Kathleen Q.


As a woman with many interests along with a busy career and personal life, InStyle has everything I could possibly want in a single publication. This magazine really speaks to me in a way that is relevant and applicable to real life. The articles have made me appreciate life on a deeper level and remember to live each day to its fullest, while the personal features help me to realize that I'm not the only woman going through some of these problems I encounter! I love that the style editors are not living in some dream land full of runways and runway models! They are always ahead of everthing and bring me ideas that I can actually use on a day to day basis, while keeping my look just edgy enough. InStyle is an essential all-in-one magazine for women of any age.

Take me away ....... - By Gayle


This is my favorite magazine to relax with. I can get completely lost in the pages, reading about fashion, beauty, parties, spas and the rich and famous. It's a fun magazine for learning about celebrities with reading a gossip rag. But, the fashion and beauty items they feature are not always for a celebrity budget, which makes the magazine more down to earth.

addicting! - By Melenie K


Great lifestyle magazine! While portraying some pricier items in the way of jewelry or clothes, InStyle also features inexpensive variations for the average person. The magazine doesn't have the intimidating feel of others like Vogue. With Celebrity fashion, beauty tips, interesting articles on pop culture and a distinctly clean layout, InStyle delivers what's current in a different kind of fashion magazine. Be careful- This magazine is addicting!! It's interesting and fun and a totally relaxing read. You will love it!!