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Maximum PC June 01, 2024 Issue Cover

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Maximum PC

Maximum PC is geared towards a readership with an interest and pursuit in learning about and mastering modern PC hardware. This is a monthly publication that is mainly oriented for those using PCs recreationally at home. Maximum PC is well-known for its informal and humorous style of writing, and occasional use of edgy language. Every issue intently focuses on PC product reviews and comparisons. The up-to-the-minute products are thoroughly rated for readers on a scale of 1-10, including a witty spin on a traditional listing of pros and cons. The magazine also offers columns and features that highlight Maximum PC's resourceful intent, such as notable regulars “How To” and “Best of the Best.” Recently, the content has started to include information on other consumer electronics, such as digital cameras, TVs, and cell phones which helps to appeal to a wider audience.