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National Review

Founded by William F. Buckley, Jr., National Review has been the primary source of information for the American Conservative since 1955. This biweekly publication provides respected and valuable reporting and opinion on politics, the economy, and general current events from a right-wing perspective. National Review offers articles with unmistakable style and guaranteed quality, which have been steady and reliable for over fifty years. Every issue also includes commentary on popular culture, such as current TV, movie, and book reviews. National Review is the frontrunner of conservative belief, reflection, and philosophy due to its consistently keen attention to accuracy of detail. The magazine is self-described as, “America's most widely read and influential magazine for Republican/Conservative news, commentary, and opinion.”

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Reliable and Informative - By Cole


There are always copies of National Review lying around my house, as my wife and I are both avid readers of the publication - so much so that we each have our own biweekly subscription, because we hate sharing just one copy! National Review always presents reliable and informative news, commentary, and opinion for the conservative American, and has been doing so for nearly fifty years. Although more conservative periodicals have been published in more recent years, this magazine remains at the top, thanks to dedicated and loyal readers like me! I highly suggest a subscription to National Review.

Publication Rating

No other quite like it - By Frank J. A.


National Review is my source for info. on political commentary and analyisis on current events. I enjoy this magazine because it actually has some character, which is so rare in the news media these days. It shows wisdom, wit, style and individual personality which should be brought back to mainstream news! No other magazine presents current events with such a unique perspective. And since it comes every other week, I feel like National Review has more to offer, content-wise, than other weeklies who have to often force their work to print on a tight schedule. The articles are well-written and interesting. I read a review once that commented on how National Review has been labeled strictly conservative, but how it should be considered as presenting more of an individualistic point of view. I agree with this, and believe that magazines like this will help support people to question what is going on in the world, especially in government, and not to just sit back and watch it all happen. We need to look at what's going on with a discerning and critical eye, and I appreciate that National Review uncovers and de-mistifies what the news media presents to the public. While content and P.O.V. do lean to the right, you don't have to be strictly labeled "conservative" or "liberal" to appreciate the valuable approach of National Review.