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Popular Mechanics Magazine

Let's be honest. You pride yourself on being a jack-of-all-trades, but when it comes to those tough fix-it projects, you aren't quite up to par. Or maybe you are an expert handyman, but need a little refresher on certain aspects. Popular Mechanics is designed for both the master and the novice. The premiere do-it-yourself magazine features how-to articles on electronics, woodworking, home improvement, science and technology and automotive repair. Reviews of new products as well. Simply put, it is the only fix-it resource you need.

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A Touch of Engineering Innovation - By Optimist Engineer


I'm the proud reader of Popular Mechanics Magazine since 1973 in Iraq/Baghdad,when I discovered it's real value through the rich assortment of articles that covers a wide rang of important fields in our life.It is an enjoyment for the hobbyest,house wife,engineers and publics.I strongly encourage everyone to read it.Good luck with your choice!.

Publication Rating

Always a favorite - By Celicaphile


I've enjoyed reading Popular Mechanics for as long as I can remember. One of the first magazine subscriptions I had growing up was for Popular Mechanics and it still keeps me intrigued and entertained. It's definitely one of my all time favorite magazines and there's always something new to learn as well.