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Reader's Digest Magazine

Reader's Digest is the number one selling consumer magazine with a circulation of over 10 million copies in the United States alone, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation. This monthly magazine is of general-interest, touching on topics including health, politics, entertainment, art, and current events. Reader's Digest is a feel-good publication that offers its dedicated readers inspiring human-interest stories and articles that embrace the humor in everyday life. With the richness and diversity within the pages of Reader's Digest, it is no wonder that this is America's most widely read magazine.

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Publication Rating

Truly a Great Read - By patti


I am 60 and have been reading reader's digest since I was a child. It's a great read!!

Publication Rating

- By Le


I have been reading your magazine since I was a child, my mom and grandmother read I am now in my 70"s+ and still enjoy good stories and still the best jokes around. I used to read just the jokes but now I have discovered you have the best stories bar none. Keep up the good work you are a generations magazine for all.

Publication Rating

Digest in general - By Betsy


I really enjoy the Digest--good articles, a good fast read. I especially commend your excellent customer service. You make it easy to find, and the lady to whom I spoke was efficient and courteous. What a joy not to have to talk to a recording.

Publication Rating

Good Read - By KathyM


Just as good as it always has been-but even better. Love to read it all. Funny and informative at the same time.

Publication Rating

- By Vicky


I am 70 years old and I have subscribed to the magazine for over 40 years. Not an edition goes by that I don't find one or more articles that make me think, laugh or cry. It is the best magazine and I look forward to getting it every month. We fight here at home to read it first! Today I called to renew my subscription and my daughter's who also loves it, and the representative I spoke with, was very nice and cooperative, since I pay for both but my kid's goes to a different address. She even helped me to remember her address, because I know how to get there but I don't always remember the address. Now I am at peace because we will both get our magazine on time not only now but for a long, long time to come. Keep up the great job you are doing!!