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Other Reader's Digest Reviews

Truly a Great Read - By patti


I am 60 and have been reading reader's digest since I was a child. It's a great read!!

- By Le


I have been reading your magazine since I was a child, my mom and grandmother read I am now in my 70"s+ and still enjoy good stories and still the best jokes around. I used to read just the jokes but now I have discovered you have the best stories bar none. Keep up the good work you are a generations magazine for all.

Digest in general - By Betsy


I really enjoy the Digest--good articles, a good fast read. I especially commend your excellent customer service. You make it easy to find, and the lady to whom I spoke was efficient and courteous. What a joy not to have to talk to a recording.

Good Read - By KathyM


Just as good as it always has been-but even better. Love to read it all. Funny and informative at the same time.

- By Vicky


I am 70 years old and I have subscribed to the magazine for over 40 years. Not an edition goes by that I don't find one or more articles that make me think, laugh or cry. It is the best magazine and I look forward to getting it every month. We fight here at home to read it first! Today I called to renew my subscription and my daughter's who also loves it, and the representative I spoke with, was very nice and cooperative, since I pay for both but my kid's goes to a different address. She even helped me to remember her address, because I know how to get there but I don't always remember the address. Now I am at peace because we will both get our magazine on time not only now but for a long, long time to come. Keep up the great job you are doing!!

Fantastic - By Bubbly


The magazine is great. It is a treasure forever.

Love Everything - By Rduberfan


There is not an issue of Reader's Digest that I have not read cover to cover (sometimes twice) that I haven't loved. I have been a subscriber for years and a fan for even longer when my mom used to subscribe. I love love love Reader's Digest!

The Jokes - By Daisy


I just wanted to say that I love the jokes in Reader's Digest. It is the one time we sit together and read the joke aloud. Thanks to this magazine, I have so many fond memories.

58 yrs. of great reading! - By alf


I call RD my "other" Bible!

Your August '10 issue was the best I've ever read - By Jo - Harlingen, TX


I am a 47 year old wife and mother of four, and have been a long time reader/subscriber to Reader's Digest. The August 2010 issue is by far the best one I've ever read. I enjoyed, learned, and gained ideas from many of your magazines over the years; however this issue is the best I've ever read This issue will be saved and re-read and hopefully passed on to my children because of the insight of every article in it!

Faithful Reader - By Polly


I have been a continuous subscriber since 1957. Before that I read my Mother's Readers Digest. It has been with me through 2 marriages & divorces. I have had it with me on car, plane & train trips, hospital visits; you name it and it's been there. It's informative and I love the jokes. I've traveled through Joe's body, met Kings & Queens, Premiers & Presidents of so many countries, and traveled to so many countries I will never see personally. What a treat! Long live RD!!!!

3 rs -Readers'Digest,'ritin' and 'rithmetic - By Bill


I learned to read around 1936 at 4 years.. Readers' Digest was in our home as early as I can remember. Through 25 years military service I've seen RD in different languages in manyplaces. Even I couldn't read it it was a glimpse of home. 70 years latter I still use the speed reading skill I developed from an article on "Square Span Printing". Learned a lot over the years from RD and think you wold be wise to revisit the series, I think, " Joe's Brain", Joe's Heart", et al.

Christmas music and memories of R.D. my whole life - By mbeth060


We have always had a Reader's Digest in our house, since I can remember. I love this small, but informative and funny magazine. I tell people, 'Everything I've ever learned, I learned from Reader's Digest.'

My Monthly Fix - By Kay


I rarely miss an issue of Reader's Digest and have been a faithful fan for so long I couldn't even tell you when I first started reading it, though I DO agree with one reviewer who stated he/she liked the old format much better, as do I. My Reader's Digest is the perfect piece of reading material to leave lying in the bathroom to read a short article or take on a road trip and read through the whole thing. I enjoy keeping informed of things and the human interest real life stories. I am a person who feels too guilty to take the time to read an entire book, so my Reader's Digest keeps me satisfied when I give myself some time to read. It is the ONLY magazine I have EVER subscribed to!

My Mother Taught Me... - By Mary Review


Reader's Digest magazine is GREAT! When I receive it I stop and quickly scan it all - some I digest right away, other stories I enjoy soon when have more time. My mother taught me to always get Reader's Digest, so I still do these many years later!

Best Value Ever!! - By Legend


Reader's Digest has always been always been a part of my life. My grandmother had them lying aroung the house all the time, even the bathroom(smile). I'm so thankful my teacher's encouraged meto read anything that i could get my hands on. Increasing your word power assisted me on my SAT in 1974. My children are also avid readers. I want to thank Jean Marie, whom I love very much, for encouraging my son to read. Teachers rock and Reader's Digest is an immeasurable tool for them. Great Value for the money!!!!!

Best Value ever - By Legend


Readers Digest has been a favorite of mine for 40 years. My grandmother would have them lying around everywhere, even the restroom. I will never forget how increasing your word power helped me when I took the SAT in 1974. Reading has always been a favorite pasttime of my and I'm glad my kids love to read also. The stories warm your heart and make your imagination soar. Thank God for my teachers encouraging me to read. I also want to thank Jean M., whom I love very much for encouraging my son to read. Great value for money!!!!!

great magazine! - By dc


Terrific magazine. have read for so many years I've lost count. Please just keep your magazine great as it is.

Ditto - By Dave M.


I have been a subscriber for many years. I usually begin at beginning articles and read completely thru last article. My mother gave me my first subscription when I graduated from high school (1959). I continued to renew thru the years except for a short period of time in which I simply could not afford the extra expense of a subscription (honestly).I particularly have enjoyed the "It pays to Increase Your Word Power" section each month. (I liked the old format much better). I too, like Patti B., find it irritating to be reading one of the many excellent articles to be interrupted by several pages of advertisements. This used to not be a problem. These numerous interruptions cause a loss of continuity in the readings. It would be much easier to read if the ads could be placed between articles instead of in the middle of individual articles. I recently renewed my subscription and sent gift subscriptions to my two oldest granddaughters who are now in college. My previous ratings would have definitely been 5 stars, but the afore metioned interruptions had a direct influence on my present rating of 4 stars.

My favorite time of month.... - By Patti B.


Reader's Digest is such a reliable magazine that always delivers what I have come to expect from the publication over the years. It is my favorite day of the month when I see Reader's Digest in my mail box! I usually start with the jokes, and work my way through to the touching stories. However I had to downgrade my rating from five stars to four stars, because of the over-stuffing of advertisements throughout the magazine. It is pretty annoying to have to weed through all of the ads, but the content of Reader's Digest makes it worth taking the extra time.

A wonderful magazine throughout the generations - By Gretchen


Reader's Digest has a quality that, in my opinion, no other magazine can compare to- that is it's dependability. I can always depend on Reader's Digest to deliver great stories. I grew up watching my grandmother read this magazine, and it's no coincidence that I myself am now a loyal reader. It's not a habit that gets passed down through the generations. It continues because it truly is a fantastic read. The writers behind this magazine never cease to come up with wonderful topics and story ideas- no matter the genre. Reader's Digest has something for everyone. I often read snippets to my husband, and other stories to my children. The articles all share a universal theme of love and understanding, even if it is not clear right off the bat. The magazine encourages us all to look at the bright side of life, and take joy in the small things-- something that truly makes all the difference in the world and is too often overlooked. I will likely be a subscriber until I am a grandmother myself, and my granddaughter can tell the same story of how she discovered the magazine.

Back Cover - By Denise


I have read your magazine for many years. I like the articles and use it in my classroom. I am disappointed to see a lady in her underwear on the back cover. This is not appropriate in the classroom. Please keep your advertisements suitable for all audiences.

Walt Disney Rand McNally World Globe - By Deana


As a child growing up in Winchester Ky., my old Auntie who passed away several years ago subscribed to Reader's Digest. The highlight of my visits with her was reading the stories from her Reader's Digest and playing the vocabulary game. She would always give me about 20 minutes to review the words and then test me on them over and over until I got them all right. I still enjoy Reader's Digest and read them frequently.

My Opinion ? - By Deborah


I grew up near McGuire Hospital,and even as a child I saw how much your magazine meant to the men there. Please continue to print the jokes, and everything else they want to read. It might seem like a small thing to some, but it meant a lot to my dad and many others,even today !!! Thank You

I call it my everything book - By Joyce


I love this great little magazine! As soon as it arrives the first thing I do is read through all the jokes, I especially like the military humor since my husband is in the Army. Then I go to the back page to read the short story. I jump around all over the book, but eventually read every page, some more than once! There is always at least one story that tugs at my heart, and usually several that cheer me up and make me feel like the world is a wonderful place to live.

An outstanding publication - By missdonna


Reader's Digest is a family friendly magazine that has been providing educational and entertaining reading for over 80 years. It has something for everyone. There's always an assortment of humor, games, household hints, and current events. You'll find stories that will leave you laughing and some that will leave you with tears in your eyes. I always read my Reader's Digest from cover to cover the day it arrives.