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Scientific American Magazine

In publication since 1845, Scientific American has been delivering breaking and in-depth news in science and technology and how they are shaping our future. Scientific American is geared towards an educated, general audience with an interest in issues within the field, as its forum of theories and discoveries are explained in an accessible and approachable fashion. Every issue presents the most riveting and fascinating work being conducted in areas such as medicine, technology, energy, the environment, and business. Scientific American is also well-known for its constant accuracy in anticipating advances and leaps on a broad range of topics within both the physical and social sciences. This monthly magazine dynamically presents the remarkable efforts of world-renowned scientists and Nobel laureates.

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General Science Mag - By M. Palmer


I have a general interest in science and technology, although I have to admit I am no expert or wealth of knowledge on the subjects. My friend told me about Scientific American, and said that it was the perfect publication for me to subscribe to for comprehensible information on topics such as medicine, physics, chemistry, biology, and so on. While there are some articles and columns whose depth of content is beyond my understanding, I can indulge in and enjoy the majority of what Scientific American has to offer. I am a faithful subscriber and enthusiastic reader of this publication, and I highly recommend others out there who share my same interest not to shy away!

Publication Rating

Big SA fan - By Dave R. K.


I started reading Scientific American after I was intrigued by the fact that several of my college professors kept referencing articles from the mag. After subscribing, I say with confidence that this is truly a one of a kind magazine. It is on another level of expertise than other science magazines with the ability to divulge information in an easily-comprehensible form. Scientific American makes it possible for readers like me (who don't work in science and technology but have great interest in it) to get the inside scoop on what's happening in these riveting, constantly progressing and transforming fields. If you're interested in anything and everything related to physical and social science, I can't imagine you can find a more intriguing read. I appreciate the magazine's accessibility to the general public, keeping everyone involved in the wonders of popular science.