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We're sorry, but print subscriptions to Sports Illustrated Kids are currently unavailable for purchase.

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Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine

Sports Illustrated is not only a fun and entertaining way to promote reading, but also serves as a wonderful and wholesome source of inspiration for kids to get involved in the world of sports at a young age. Edited for children 8 years and up, the magazine features great news articles, player profiles and much more. Readers will find action-packed photos and detailed interviews, giving them an up-close-and-personal look at their favorite sports players and teams. Sports Illustrated Kids is filled with exercise suggestions that encourage physical fitness and promote an active lifestyle. Tips from professional athletes teach kids how to improve their game, while personal stories emphasize the importance of good sportsmanship. Filled with puzzles, games, posters and comics, Sports Illustrated Kids will have young readers learning new things while having a fantastic time!

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Publication Rating

We paid too much - By Tex


We subscribed to SI Kids for 2 years for 2 grandchildren at $51.96 each and now find out we paid too much. SI says they never received one of the checks so we faxed a copy of it and SI still maintains they never received it. Stay tuned for further developments. The g'kids love the magazine though.

Publication Rating

Must-have mag! - By Jesse


As a teen-age athlete and absolute sports-fanatic myself, you can trust me when I say reading this magazine is worth your time! This magazine does not dumb down the content or vocabulary simply because it is geared towards kids, the way some publications for my age group do. Sports Illustrated Kids always has a really cool athlete on the cover who I admire and look up to. This month the pro-skateboarder, Ryan Sheckler is on the cover! My absolute favorite part of getting this magazine every month is the collectible cards you get in every issue - I must have hundreds by now. If your parents are down your back about reading, ask them for a subscription to Sports Illustrated Kids, you'll actually enjoy reading it!

Publication Rating

Must-have for young sports fans - By Caitlin


If your son or daughter is into sports, I can't think of a better gift than SI kids. It is the perfect way to encourage them to read without actually saying anything! Once my 12 year-old daughter gets her hand on an issue, she reads it cover to cover. I've never seen her read so much in one sitting. The colorful photos and mini-posters included in each issue add to the fun of the magazine, while the articles are of a high journalistic quality and have good moral value. I looked through the magazine before subscribing for my kids, and the articles are very good and have a central theme that is the power, confidence and joy that comes out of sports. My kids may not turn out to be pro-athletes, but they will definitely be great readers with an understanding of how sports relate to the world at large and connect us all.

Publication Rating

Awesome - By KT


My now 11 year old son has received this magazine since he was 9 years old. He can intelligently interject his father's sports conversations with facts that will just blow you away. It's awesome how he just soaks it all in. It's the one gift he truly looks forward to for Christmas every, single year. I would highly recommend it for any sports-loving kid!

Publication Rating

Awesome - By Abster


I love sports illustrated for kids because regular sports illustrated is kind of boring when your a kid because there aren't any games or quizzes. SO FIVE ***** (STARS)