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Be Your Own You

BYOU ‘Be Your Own You!’ Magazine is the premier provider of self-esteem messaging that empowers girls ages 7-14 to ‘Be Your Own You,’ building confidence, inner beauty awareness, and encouragement to make a positive difference in today’s world. Through entertainment and education, we highlight tween/teen celebrity role models and ‘real’ girls who are making a positive impact, teach fun ways to build self-esteem, and offer tips, quizzes, projects, contests, puzzles, jokes, & more. Timely topics about the challenges girls face today are addressed, such as bullying and body image, with advice to stay empowered in navigating this vulnerable age. BYOU readers are excited, intrigued, challenged, involved, educated, supported, inspired, and entertained…and the best part? Moms approve! Parents, educators, girls’ organizations, and the like give BYOU Magazine a big thumbs up!

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