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Espn The Magazine

Coming to you bi-weekly, ESPN The Magazine is for the next generation of sports fans with emphasis on the personality, lifestyle & off-the-field activities of today's newsworthy & up-and-coming athletes. All delivered with insights, humor, cutting edge design and in-your-face photography. ESPN the Magazine puts you in the know covering a wide range of college and professional sports, including National League Football, the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, college football, college basketball and much more. Readers appreciate its focus on the personalities, outside activities and lifestyles of some of their favorite athletes. Frequency subject to change.

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Publication Rating

ESPN.....Reputable sports magazine - By BeeBop


I am a die-hard sports fan, and I find that ESPN delivers a high-quality magazine for people like me who know all there is to know about sports. This is a reputable magazine with in-depth coverage, detailed articles, great photos, and the occasional pop culture reference. I really look forward to receiving this magazine in the mail, and recently bought a subscription for a buddy's birthday. He just got his first issue this week, and was really pleased with what the famous network offered in its magazine. I will continue to pass on the word about the quality of this magazine.

Publication Rating

Awesome for sports fans and athletes - By DeShawn


ESPN magazine is a brilliant sports publication. It has wide coverage, thorough and interesting articles and great profile on people, teams and isues. If you're really into truly awesome photos of your favorite sports stars or teams like me, you'll love ESPN magazine. The photography us just magnificent, as it's so up-close and personal with these players and the moment that you'll feel like you're right there. If you're an athlete yourself you'll find the magazine to be a source of inspiration and motiviation to get on your grind and put your game face on.

Publication Rating

Refreshingly different - By Walt K


First published in 1998, this bi-weekly sports magazine catches your eye right away with it's large page size, making the photography spectacular. Flavored throughout with Dan Patrick and Stuart Scott's sense of humor, this is more than just a magazine to get the latest stats on your favorite games. Well written feature articles and edgy photography give this publication a uniquely cool and fresh attitude that is all it's own. Frequently compared to SI, ESPN goes into far more depth when it comes to the athletes and their lives. It gives you ( as closely as possible ) the same feel you get when you watch ESPN. It's the different perspectives that reels you in..and keeps you there. You have to get this magazine, you will love it.