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EatingWell July 01, 2021 Issue Cover

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If you want to eat healthfully but aren't willing to give up your appetite for mouth-watering dishes and heavenly treats, EatingWell is your ultimate companion. This award-winning magazine strikes the perfect balance between great food and health. Each issue provides readers with tips and advice on entertaining along with a variety of recipes that are health-conscious, satisfying and easy to make. The innovative team of researchers, editors and health professionals behind the publication of EatingWell infuse fresh fruits, vegetables and whole wheat into classic recipes to serve up an array of delicious, vitamin-packed meals. Stay on top of the latest trends by reading interesting articles on the latest news in the health and food industries. With essential tips on eating and shopping, EatingWell is a reminder that cooking great, nourishing meals for the whole family can be easy. Recipes and articles are accompanied by beautiful, bright photos that make for easy-to-follow cooking. EatingWell demonstrates that eating healthy doesn't mean you have to take the flavor, or the fun out of cooking and entertaining.