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Jazziz Magazine

For more than three decades, JAZZIZ Magazine has been covering the music scene, documenting innovations, charting industry trends, following the artists whose lives so colorfully inform our own. The award-winning JAZZIZ Magazine gives you the look, the listen and the lowdown, in print and online, what’s hot (and what’s not), in the world of music with insightful editorial, hundreds of reviews, and inspired photography and design. Aside from its unparalleled look, each issue of JAZZIZ comes with Limited-Edition Collector’s CDs (in quarterly Print Editions) and music and video steaming so that you can listen and watch the music featured in the magazine’s colorful pages. JAZZIZ has been called “the voice of a new jazz culture; a culture it helped create,” and over the past 30 years has earned the undisputed authority on jazz and style. JAZZIZ is your one-stop destination for entertainment in the adult music world. Art for your ears!

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A gift for your ears and your soul - By Spankesq


There has always been something about great music that makes you breathe deeper and quiets the race track of thoughts in your head. Like the total emersion that travel can bring, Jazziz is a gift of total emersion for your ears and your soul. Its the journey every month that requires no airfare or hotel reservation but delivers the excitment of new places, the refreshing calm of deeper breathing and quiet thoughts! I received Jazziz as a gift subscription and all these years one thing hasn't changed, Jazziz is still a gift!