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Men's Health Magazine | 6/2020 Cover

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Other Men's Health Reviews

reasons to being a man - By jeff eckard


kaepernick is an example of courage. you got to be kidding me. you just lost a long time subscriber

For Seniors - By David Mac


I really enjoy your mag. but for me there is one big thing missing... info for SENIORS!!! Can't you have one section devoted to the older men to suggest what we can do at ages 50, 60, and 70? We are men too you know!!

Motivator - By Steelers fan


This magazine keeps me going to the gym and trying to improve my health and physique. I AM 60 YEARS OLD AND A STROKE SURVIVOR, and I need the fitness and diet tips this periodical supplies. I intend to give subscriptions to my close friends as we are all getting older. Thank You!

Magazine - By Bills#1


I enjoy reading your magazine, a lot of good tips on weigh training. I am looking for 1 that had tips on shoulder excises. Very excellent tips. I do not know the date of the issue but if you can find it for me I will subscribe to your magazine. Thanks Bills#1

Best all-in-one men's mag - By Jason


I've never been much of a magazine person, but I subscribed to Men's Health just a few months ago after I read it at a friend's house. This is a great magazine. With every issue I get motivated to get healthier and stronger. I started working out recently, and Men's Health has been my guide to keeping up with my regimen- especially when I'm at home. The writers of this magazine really give me exactly what I'm looking for. The exercise tips are good, easy to do and I'm seeing and feeling the results right away. Articles like the "Good Life Guide" really have motivated me to live better. I think what separates Men's Health from other men's publications is how good and true the advice is. Since all of the articles consult such top-tier professionals, reading each issue is like having a personal trainer, stylist, nutritionist, doctor/psychiatrist and relationship consultant all in one... and more!

Loyal Subscriber - By JLBrooks


I am a loyal reader and subscriber to Men's Health magazine. It is really more of a lifestyle magazine then anything else, because it touches on topics that are important to men seeking to live a well-rounded and happy life. The articles in Men's Health focus on fitness, nutrition, sex, music, books, and more. The magazine offers information, advice, ratings, everything you could want.

Great reading - By Abdullah


I have been enjoying Men's Health for the past 8 years. I look forward to receiving it every month. I try to read it from cover-to-cover--there are always great articles in the magazine. Every information they provide is backed by a researcher or an institution; therefore I trust the info. The food recepes they present are also easy to make.

inspiring - By Darren S


A good all around magazine the articles in Mens Health cover everything from health, how to lose weight, fashion, lifestyle questions and careers to name a few. With it's practical and innovative approach, the magazine is geared toward men of every age bracket. Loaded with fitness tips this magazine can inspire even the most sedentary among us to get off the couch. Men's Health also has a heavy dose of humor and sarcasm throughout it's pages with the writers finding interesting and inspiring articles to write from unique perspectives. This is not rocket science, but it is a good down to earth look at the issues that concern men in their daily lives, and how to improve their lifestyles. I give it a thumbs up, it lives up to it's name and more.