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We're sorry, but Pain-Free Living is unavailable because it has ceased publication of a print edition.

Arthritis Self Management Magazine | 12/1/2018 Cover Arthritis Self Management Magazine | 10/1/2018 Cover Arthritis Self Management Magazine | 9/1/2018 Cover Arthritis Self Management Magazine | 7/1/2018 Cover Arthritis Self Management Magazine | 4/1/2018 Cover
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Arthritis Self Management Magazine

Your guide to leading a healthier life! Pain-Free Living provides expertise on myriad chronic pain conditions that more than 100 million Americans live with every day. With the mission to inform readers of both the day-to-day and long-term aspects of living with pain and connect those readers with products and services to help them live better and healthier lives, Pain-Free Living serves as a trusted resource for information on reducing and managing pain effectively.

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Office Workouts-March/April '09 - By Kraut in Oconomowoc, WI


While no longer in an office (I am 73 years old) I truly appreciated the above article. So much so that I laminated the pages and will consult them in my daily stretching routines. In the future I hope you will repeat this format, pictures and all maybe illustrating exercises for the upper legs, knees and elsewhere. Again good work and thank you very much.