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  • Publisher: Cole Publishing
  • Customer Service Number: (866) 673-9391
  • Universal Magazine Code (UMC): 8023
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Predator Xtreme Magazine

Predator Xtreme coins itself as “America’s #1 Source For Year-Round Hunting and Shooting Information.” The publication’s readership consists of hunters who seek out the country’s wildlife predators and varmint hunters who are passionate for the sport and devoted to mastering the game. Every issue of Predator Xtreme Magazine includes an abundance of information on gear, guns, technique, and tips that is appropriate for hunters of various levels of experience with the goal of benefiting readers’ sport. Predator Xtreme explores hunting opportunities that range from your own back yard through deep woods adventures, and features untapped resources and overlooked predators. With a wide range of content, from technical product reviews to turning predators into cash, readers will find this publication both extremely valuable and enjoyable.

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The best outdoor magazine that covers all topics of predator hunting!