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Other National Geographic Kids Reviews

Great Magazine - By Mom of 2


I don't know how, since my son doesn't show much understanding of time yet, but he will go to the mailbox right around the time the magazine should arrive and when he finds it, he's ecstatic and comes running in screaming "I knew it was going to be in the mail mom, I love this magazine"! Speaks for itself, doesn't it?

Great for teachers! - By JudyK624


After reading other reviews of National Geographic Kids, I am so glad to find out that I am not the only elementary school teacher who uses this publication in my classroom for educational purposes! It really is such a great source for children to learn about different kinds of animals from all different parts of the world. It offers high-quality information at a comprehensible level for young children. This magazine is even great for kids who are not yet able to read, as the photographs and visuals in general are also fantastically educational in their own right! I highly recommend subscribing to National Geographic Kids to any elementary school teacher and parents alike.

The BEST in kids magazines - By Madeline SD


This magazine is the perfect complement to the classroom. I am a busy mother of three, and I am always looking for new ways to keep my children busy in a productive and positive way. The kids look forward to National Geographic Kids coming in the mail, and get so excited when it arrives that they have had to learn to share it! The magazine is so much fun for them-- they're occupied for hours reading the articles, doing the games and looking at the great pictures. But the best part about it is that they are learning at the same time, and in a way that is so much better for them than TV shows (even if they are learning programs). They're reading, stimulating their minds, and learning about other cultures-- so many things all in one! I'll keep subscribing until my youngest gets to her teen years (even so, she might still want to keep reading!). I've recommended this magazine to all of my friends with children.

perfect for the pre- teen set - By Trudy P


My sons teacher has this available in her classroom. I don't know of any other way to explain what a great children's publication it is than to tell you that. The main complaint about this magazine is that there are too many ads, but in spite of that fact this magazine opens up a whole new animal filled world to children. It fosters a curiosity to explore what's going on around them and helps them develop a love of animals. Interesting articles and wonderful photography are the magazine's make-up which my son reads cover to cover as soon as it arrives. This is not a magazine for really young children. It's content is aimed mainly at the 8-13 set as it examines different cultures, the environment and movie reviews to name a few. A great magazine with all the incredible photography you would expect from National geographic, your child will love it.