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We're sorry, but print subscriptions to Newsweek are currently unavailable for purchase.

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America's well-regarded newsmagazine is savvy, incisive, and scintillating. With its comprehensive coverage of national and international affairs, newsmakers, politics, business, economics, science, technology, health, arts, entertainment and society, Newsweek is your one-stop information source. Thought-provoking essays and compelling columns like Periscope, Cyberscope, Perspectives and Newsmakers analyze events and put them into an interesting perspective.

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disappointed - By Chuck


I am terribly disappointed by your decision to discontinue the paper version of Newsweek. I've enjoyed reading it for many years.

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Pointing out the "Nut Job" Michele Bachmann - By Mitchelde


Thank you thank you! Thank god someone in the media is pointing out what a nut case this woman really is. She is insane and nothing more. She does have charisma, but so did Hitler. Her understanding of the facts, her perspective of history, and her right wing, "God is on Our Side" is nothing more than scary, and more of same garbage that the uninformed "Baggers" want to believe. Regardless of the actual truth or reality. This country is in a lot of trouble when a "Nut Job" like her can actually run for president. Because there might be enough uninformed "Nut Jobs" out there voting for her, she could actually win the presidency. God save us all.

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Over my last 25 mature years, I have been or have become "religious" in my reading of the NY Times, the Economist and other mainstream/informative news sources; including several stints/prescriptions to Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report and Time - to name a few. I currently subscribe to the NYT, Economist, Scientific American & Newsweek; the last being over the last year. I just want to congratulate Newsweek Magazine for being the most consistently informative and thought provoking weekly -- and having significantly changed (improved to me) over the last few years -- I study and enjoy the articles throughout -- not all, but most provide me valuable insights on current events here and abroad.

Publication Rating

New Format is Disappointment - By Maui Girl


My husband, daughter, son-in-law and I have been loyal subscribers for many years. But we am now ready to cancel my subscription, due to the new format. Your graphic designers really missed the mark. The smaller type font, and the fact that it is justified right and left, makes it very difficult to read. Running type over a ghosted background and the reverse type you've used show that your designers truly don't understand readablility. We don't enjoy the humor in the writing. We hated the cover about Iran (trite and sensationalistic). We also miss Anna Quindlan. We'll be cancelling our subscription.

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Clinton's strong ties to Arab nation - By Betty Roberts


Yes, indeed it is always a pleasure to read this magazine. I'm actually not sure who I will vote for yet. Recently, I read several articles about the multi million business deals the Clinton's made with Dubai and other strong ties they have with Arab nations. I do wonder if we should be concerned about national security should she be elected. Betty