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Oprah Magazine

Oprah Winfrey's new magazine will be the women's personal growth guide for the new century..offering compelling stories, empowering ideas and articles on health and fitness, careers, realtionships, beauty, fashion, home design, books and food.

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I love this magazine I read it cover to cover and pass it on to friends. Keep up the good work!

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Oprah and the Beach - By Son


I was on the beach on Tues with intentions to swim and read a new book. In my bag I just received my July copy of Oprah. I thought I would just run through the fashions; that was at 2:00 pm by 6:00pm I turned the last page! I read every page!! Now that I'm retired I have more time to read. Please continue to pay attention to us older girls; we still look good and are interested in fashions and hair dos, also, I would like some political discussions. Yours in health, SHC.

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My favorite Magazine - By The Great One


My Oprah magazine is by far my favorite. I am 72 years old ,mother of two,grandmother of four and greatgrandmother of an eleven year old. Although I am now retired I am a pretty busy person.I get a few magazines delivered each month and sometimes do not get to read them.I always make sure that I read the Oprah and cannot bear to part with them. I love everything in the entire issue,always. When I must clean up, I always pass on the older issues to friends or leave them at a doctor's office. Keep up the good work.

Publication Rating

Sensational Magazine! - By southernga0724


I have diligently kept up with O magazine for years, and it just seems to constantly follow whatever is happening in my life. It's refreshing to read Martha Beck, and of course Dr. Phil and his "how's that working for you?!" I love all of the other regular contributors and the guest interviews, also. I'm introducing my sister to O, and she is so excited to be joining the ranks of all of us who've learned to appreciate such a spectactular woman who is not afraid to let us see her insecurities so that we may identify with her. Please keep up your exceptional work!

Publication Rating

The Best Magazine - By Ann


I am totally enthralled with the content of your magazine.