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Health Magazine

Look Great! Feel Great! Vibrant, reliable information to help you manage your healthy life.

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Publication Rating

Fitness Ages - By Mimi


I LOVE this magazine!!! I'm a fit 71 year old that works out 5 days a week and does 7 classes. 3 days of body pump, 3 days of Zumba (and NOT the senior class) and also a CX Torso workout.

Publication Rating

Real solutions for real people - By Debbie


This is one of my favorite magazines that covers both health and general interest. There are great articles with a focus on nutrition and wellness that are backed by doctors and professionals, so you know the information you get is fact-based and trustworthy. Plus, Health's content is so diverse. It covers style, relationships... everything you like reading about! The recipes in the back have always more than surprised me with how delicious they are AND easy to make. I save all of my issues so that I can refer back to them. Also, the exercise suggestions got me into yoga, which is now an integral part of my life. All in all, the way this magazine enhances my life is invaluable. I highly recommend this magazine for any and everyone interested in living better and healthier who does not want an extreme type of lifestyle... just practical solutions and smarter options.