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You're an active, educated, sophisticated woman who yearns to improve the quality of your life. You're interested in health, nutrition, money management, the mind-body-spirit connection, culture, fashion, psychology, fitness and the environment. If that describes you, then this is the magazine that will help you develop your untapped potential.

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Relax Your Mind, Energize Your Spirit! - By Michelle Rossi


Relax Your Mind, Energize Your Spirit! Every woman needs a little time to herself. In our hectic days, it's important to take that time out! One way to do this is by relaxing in a bubble bath reading Self magazine. Self magazine takes you on an adventure with many informative articles on how to live a happier and healthier life. Self doesn't leave nothing to the imagination. If your looking for style, beauty tips, information on health and well-being, interviews with celebrities, exercise tips, diet tips, and of course, fabulous recipes that will melt your taste buds, you'll find them all packed inside this wonderful magazine. It's so easy to keep informed and relaxed with Self magazine. Remember to take your timeout!