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Mad Magazine | 8/2019 Cover

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Other Mad Reviews

MAD - By DaleBryTheScienceGuy


I grew up with MAD magazine, "gracing" the drugstore and supermarket check-out counter's shelves. Judging by it's cover, I thought, that, it must be the most disgusting publication I'd ever seen! I could hardly believe that such "trash" was even legal! I could only imagine grammar-school drop-outs, drug-dealers, used-car salesman, or other, hyphenated word-types, to be reading - and, perhaps, even *enjoying* reading this stuff!....and then, one day - a friend, forced me to open up his current copy of MAD. It was all over. I began reading every issue of MAD that I could get my hands on, and, ultimately - I became an Astronomer-Astrobiologist, and Science Writer. Thank you, *MAD* magazine, for showing me the real world!!

Last landmark issue - By Eli G


I have read Mad since I was 6 I have such a dirty mind thanks to you;) Thank you. This is the best magazine I've ever read.

Totally Inside Mad ! - By Al


I have loved MAD since I was a kid. For a magazine to make me laugh out loud is so good !! I met Tom Richmond at Chicago Comic Con and I had a chance to talk to him and see his work. I was impressed !! MAD magazine has been consistent for all the years I have read it since 1970. It's the best medicine for your health and wellness !! I am an RN by the way too !!!

what me worry? not meee - By PaperTigerz


Subscribe today to the best publication that keeps you warm when you run out of firewood and kindlin' it burns clean, and the pages serve well to mop up spills and clean windows.

I'm so damn Mad! - By Roy


It started in the 60's when I went to a friend's house after school. His name was Franny and he introduced me to Mad. The magazine twisted my mind and I graduated near the bottom of my class. I owe it all to Mad. I kept asking the question: "What Me Worried?" I was't worried but the school system was. I are what I are from Mad.

Madder than Ever - By Frickeepoo


I've been a MAD fan since the days when Albert B. Feldstein was ed. He blazed a trail that the guys who produce the mag still follow. And I swear it's funnier than ever now.

MAD Reviews - By originalMADreader


The guy who writes the reviews should write the rest of the magazine.

Yeah, OK! - By The Opinionated Boomer


Thanks to MAD Magazine, I'm proud to say that it has helped me to become the man I am today. I'm always smiling for no apparent reason. I am able to see the humorous side of many of life's absurdities. And I have a strong appreciation of how important laughter is for a happy, well balanced life. A few times over the years, people have kidded me by saying that "you're always so upbeat, do you belong to a cult?" I do -- its called MAD Magazine. Over the years, MAD's amazingly talented, and hilarious group of writer's and artists have not only made me laugh, they have also taught me to see things in a different way -- with a sense of humor. With all the problems in the world today, laughter is the greatest therapy. Long-live MAD Magazine.

Mad, Madder and Madest! - By MadDanMan


I am very upset that my favorite magazine of all-time has gone from 12 issues/year down to Quaterly! I suspect Mad Magazine is finding it harder and harder to come up with content because the WHOLE DAMN WORLD has gone Mad!! Oh well, I will be VERY HAPPY, when my Quarterly issue is announced! I hope this magazine lasts till the end of time!! MadDanMan or is it MadManDan, I think the latter sounds better, but...

Awesome - By thejiminizer


My Dad was a big fan, I'm a big fan. I can't wait to ring in the 22nd century with your magazine! None of this really matters , just seemed like it had been awhile since anybody wrote any reviews... so, oh well, have a nice day.

Came in Handy for Me! - By Laughin'


I could never turn down a Mad Magazine. They will elevate your joy and center you. I remember the early one where Perry Mason was Perry Masonmint and Della Street was Della Streetwalker and Paul Drake was Paul Mandrake. I like how no one is off limits. Thanks Mad Magazine. Don't ever go away!

generations - By Dollie


I remember my father bringing home a bunch of Mad mags. I haven't stopped reading America's culture. It's now taken over 2 more generations and we are proud readers of this great "tell it like it is" magazine. Because we sure don't hear this from the media. This next generation is only 8 and 5 and go to blows to read this mag. I need to buy 2 subscriptions now!



Quarterly issues are WAY, WAY too infrequent. I understand monthly may be too often for costs and content, but heck- lot's of options here. Instead of 12 issues per year, how about 8 or 6, but down to 4? Suffering from withdrawals.

Really slowing down - By Steve


Still by far the best high and low brow satire known to man. Only problem is the lack of regularity. Last year when the publication went to quarterly, my stomach dropped. Not sure if it is a lack of regular writers or if reality TV has essentially dumbed down america to the point that it takes twice the writers to come up with the same stuff, who knows. I am just hoping that the print comes back around to monthly. I'd hate to see this go the way of comics; way overpriced or to an annual. Gotta get more out there!

Quarterly? Arrrgh!!!! - By Buck Mulligan


I LOVE Mad Mag. Have been reading it since I was a baby nipper. As an artist, I learned how to do portraits from copying Mort Druckers' insanely brilliant caricatures. I now hear Mad is going to be published quarterly. Arrrgh!!!! I don't know if I can survive without a monthly dose of the stuff I need. I guess we all have to make sacrifices during these trying times.

committing - By rambo


when I first found mad mag was in my public library I had heard about it so I checked it out and since the I had been checking them out for a couple of months so I finally decided to get a subscription to mad and it felt like such a commitment because mad is just so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mad is awesome! - By hi


I love mad the first time i got one of the magazines i couldn't put it down and i am still an avid reader of mad (and Alfred E. Nueman)!

Still going strong - By J.K. Perkins


There is absolutely no magazine out there that offers the hilarious satires and parodies on today's movies, books, television, and politics quite like Mad has for 50 years. This magazine's humor is just on the cusp of ridiculousness, but is so valid and pertinent that you just have to laugh at the over-the-top content; think "Scary Movie" in a magazine form.

Outrageously fun - By Dwight


Wow, I've been reading this classic magazine ever since I was a kid. Mad is one of very few magazines that has upheld its original intent over the course of several decades. I suppose it has evolved in some ways, but Mad continues to deliver that great biting satire and parody that has defined it as a unique source of entertainment. When Mad arrives in my mailbox, I can't wait to curl up in a comfy chair and read it cover to cover, laughing my way through each article and all of the outrageous graphics. This magazine is like Jon Stewart or Colbert in a more extreme, visual form. I feel like I am with people who understand my cynical and complex views of the world when I am reading Mad. To me, nothing is better than taking what politicians, campaigns and the media set out to do (deceive) and turning them all on their heads! Not sure what I would do without releasing my frustrations through this fantastic read.

What? Me worry? - By Scott T.


A classic! I remember reading MAD when I was a little kid and it has only gotten better with age. The parodies of recent events and famous people keep me in stitches, and the artwork is dead on. And the Spy vs. Spy series provides many moments of enjoyment and laughter.